MRP is a system designed to plan manufacturing production. It identifies necessary materials, estimates quantities, determines when materials will be required to meet the production schedule, and manages delivery timing – with the goal of meeting demands and improving overall productivity.


Material planning can be simple and straightforward when volumes are low, the number of products is limited, and each product has only a few components. Sophisticated calculations are required for complex products and larger production volumes. The ability to forecast and plan for materials and components is critical for effective production and finished goods inventory management. This planned production is a necessary foundation for the planning and scheduling of equipment and skilled personnel. Inventory is typically a significant cost of doing business and one of the most important factors in manufacturer profitability. It is impossible to effectively manage inventory without material requirements planning in order to have just the right amount of the right items at the right time.



  • Bill of Materials

  • Job shop, Manufacturing Routings and Tasks

  • Production Planning and MRP

  • Production and Job Costing

  • Equipment Billing

  • Raw Material Procurement

  • Manufacturing Reporting

Inventory Management

  • Manage and setup single, multiple warehouses

  • Inventory Locations

  • Serialized on non serialized Inventory

  • Lot Management

  • Shipment Integration

  • Picklist and Package Management

  • Receives and Returns