Our MRP software-specific functionality includes the ability to check inventory control and safety stock levels, review customer demand, and conduct supply planning before generating sales orders. The system is also cloud-based, making it highly scalable and great for advanced planning throughout the entire manufacturing process. MRP is a system designed to plan manufacturing production. It identifies necessary materials, estimates quantities, determines when materials will be required to meet the production schedule, and manages delivery timing – with the goal of meeting demands and improving overall productivity.


With Ixorio’s MES you can manage your manufacturing orders efficiently. Having an insight into their costs, you can easily verify their profitability. By controlling and planning the time-consumption of orders, you are able to propose reliable lead times to your customer. Furthermore, you can select appropriate technologies while checking whether there are no shortages of any raw materials in your warehouse. You will always know what, when and how much needs to be produced.


Exponential growth in customer-driven product configurations requires manufacturers to find more flexible ways of production. Combine that with supply chain interruptions, evolving safety regulations, and time to market pressures and the challenges can be daunting. Manufacturing process management (MPM) provides the tools and methodologies for today’s dynamic plant-specific manufacturing environments, all coordinated through PLM. MPM brings together the shop floor with engineering, suppliers, logistics, and quality for a more connected and agile enterprise.

MES Features

Industry 4.0 MES integrates with

Software technologies

AI, machine learning, analytics

Production technologies

Robotics, controllers, assembly line systems

Enterprise operational techonologies

ERP,PLM, Supply chain

Infrastructure technologies

IIoT, Cloud